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The Department offers a 4 year bachelor degree program in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Our main objective is to prepare graduates with necessary technical knowledge and professional skills required to address the challenges in the rapidly growing field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and to promote research in this area.

The course focuses on the design, construction and management of communication systems, electronic control systems.


The department focuses on preparing its students to meet new business challenges and making them aware of the recent advances in the technological field by emphasizing on:

  • A strong technical training in modern electronics.
  • Skills in analyzing and design of electronic circuits and system
  • Engineering management.
  • Latest trends in simulation.
  • Computer Networking.
  • Practical skills in Digital Systems, Microprocessors, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Image Processing, VLSI Design, Fiber Optic Communication.


Year of Establishment 2011
Head of Department Prof. Basanti Ghanti
Contact No. 9964494923
Email ID
Total No. of Classrooms 03
Total No. of Laboratories 10
Faculty Student ratio 1:15
No. of Professor Nil
No. of Associate Professor 01
No. of Assistant Professor 05
Total No. of Faculty 06
No. of Supporting Non-teaching Staff 02

Faculty and Staff

Photo Name of the Faculty
Prof. Basanti,
Associate Professor, HOD
Phone: +919964494923
Prof. Vandana,
Assistant Professor
Phone: +919538700260
Prof. Tareeq Zaid,
Assistant Professor
Phone: +919986787470
Prof. Mahesh B.,
Assistant Professor
Phone: +919901669486
Prof. Shruti V. Hanchanal,
Assistant Professor,
Phone: +918123800794
Prof. Kiran S. Patil,
Assistant Instructor,
Phone: +919742777300
Ms. Jyothi B. G.,
Phone: +919035897472


Sr. No. Name of Laboratories Lab Incharge
1 Logic Design Prof. Basanti Ghanti
2 Microprocessor Prof. Mahesh Sonth
3 Electronics Circuits Prof. Vandana
4 Power Electronics Prof. Basanti Ghanti
5 HDL Prof. Tareeq Zaid
6 Advance Communication Prof. Vandana
7 Communication & LICA Prof. Vandana
8 Microcontroller Lab Prof. Kiran
9 Digital Signal Processing Lab Prof. Tareeq Zaid
10 VLSI Lab Prof. Mahesh Sonth