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Mechanical engineering is the basic branch of engineering which deals with different types of systems, mechanisms and machines that transfer and transmit energy in various forms. It involves study of different types of energy resources, energy conversion techniques and analysis, such as power plants, automobiles, refrigerating and air conditioning systems. It also involves study of various techniques of manufacturing and how these can be employed to obtain the desired product. Product design, its behavior under various conditions, analysis as well as performance of the product needs to be studied by a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical engineer's work involves production, transmission and use of mechanical power and energy sources. It also includes design of energy conversion systems and mechanical elements. Mechanical engineers are employed in various industries which are concerned with design, manufacturing, maintenance, mining, transportation, communications, oil refining, chemical manufacturing, paper, sugar, textiles, aerospace, nuclear energy, natural gas production and transmission, construction, etc.

Mechanical engineering department of our institute is well equipped with state of the art laboratories. Faculty members and students are continuously exposed to different national and international conferences, seminars and training programmes to update their knowledge about the recent technological developments. Faculties are encouraged to acquire higher qualification.


Year of Establishment 2011
Head of Department Prof. Shivashekhar Mangalgi
Contact No. 9844358384
Email ID
Total No. of Classrooms 03
Total No. of Laboratories 10
Faculty Student ratio 1:15
No. of Professor 01
No. of Associate Professor 03
No. of Assistant Professor 05
Total No. of Faculty 09
No. of Supporting Non-teaching Staff 06

Faculty and Staff

Photo Name of the Faculty
Prof. S. M Mangalgi,
Associate Professor, HOD,
Phone: +919844358384,
Prof. P.K. Shahabadkar,
Associate Professor,
Phone: +918884350291,
Prof. K.M Patil,
Associate Professor,
Phone: +919448952668
Prof. Eshwar Udbal,
Assistant Professor,
Phone: +919482989321
Prof. AnilKumar D. B.,
Assistant Professor,
Phone: +919743400096
Prof. Sateesh,
Assistant Professor,
Phone: +919538574577
Mr. Ravi,
Phone: +91- 9731490999
Mr. Rohit,
Asst Instructor,
Phone: +91- 9448484655


Sr. No. Name of Laboratories Lab Incharge
1 Workshop Prof. S.M Mangalgi
2 Foundry & Forging Prof. P.K. Shahabadkar
3 Metallography & Material Testing Prof. Eshwar Udbal
4 Computer Aided Machine Drawing Prof. Sateesh R
5 Machine Shop Prof. P.K. Shahabadkar
6 Metrology & Measurements Prof. S.M Mangalgi
7 Fluid Machinery Prof. Sateesh R
8 Energy Engineering Prof Anilkumar D B
9 Heat & Mass Transfer Prof. Eshwar Udbal
10 Finite Element Method Prof. Anilkumar D B
11 Design Prof. P.K Shahabadkar
12 CIM & Automation Prof. Anil Kumar D B