The primary objective of the Career Design Center at Shetty Institute of Technology is to empower and guide students towards successful and fulfilling career paths. Our goal is to serve as a dynamic hub that fosters the development of essential skills, provides invaluable resources, and cultivates a supportive environment for students to navigate their professional journey seamlessly.

Careers & Employability


1) Academic Performance: Marks and grades were considered a crucial factor in employability. Higher academic achievements were often viewed as evidence of a candidate’s diligence, intelligence, and ability to excel in a professional environment.

2) Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication is essential in any workplace.  Our Colleges focus on developing students’ ability to express ideas clearly, listen actively, and communicate professionally.

3) Critical Thinking: Our College encourages students to think critically and analyze information objectively. This skill involves evaluating situations, solving problems, and making informed decisions.

4) Teamwork and Collaboration: Working collaboratively with others is a key aspect of most professional settings. Our Colleges provide opportunities for students to engage in group projects and activities to enhance their teamwork and collaboration skills.

5) Leadership Skills: Leadership development is often included in our college programs. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in clubs, projects, or community service activities to build leadership qualities.

6) Presentation Skills: The ability to deliver effective presentations is valuable in many professions. Our Colleges provide opportunities for students to practice and improve their presentation skills through class presentations and other platforms.

7) Resume Writing and Interview Skills: Practical guidance on crafting effective resumes and performing well in interviews is provided. Workshops, mock interviews, and resume-building sessions help students present themselves confidently to potential employers

CDC it’s a one-stop-shop that guides students from figuring out what they want to do to landing a great job. It’s like a friend helping them through the maze of starting a career.